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  • Be Honest and Sincere   

  • Don't deceive, cheat or steal 

  • Be reliable - do what you say you will do 

  • Have the courage to do the right thing 

  • Stand up for what you believe 

  • Build a good reputation 

  • Be loyal - stand by your family, friends and country


K - 3rd Grade:
3rd - 5th Grade: 
Middle School:

Read "The Empty Pot" 

Lesson on our President "Honest" Abe                  Lincoln

The Blindfold "trust" walk - Develop trust

Being Honest w/ Yourself -discuss things            you are good at and things to improve

Discuss "What is a LIE?"

Read "Puffer Fish cries Shark"(similar to The     Boy who cried Wolf) - Always tell the truth

Never Steal!!

The story of "Pinocchio" - Do not Lie!

Don't be a Cheater! Do the best you can! It's      ok to say "I don't know /understand"  

Build a Good Reputation!

Be accountable for, truthful and admit when    you make a mistake!! 

You Can Count On Me - always

   keep your word and follow

   through on commitments

Be Honest with yourself - both

   good and bad qualities

Kid President:

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