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Meet Our Staff: 


Not sure who works behind the scenes of the Character Counts! Program? Take a few moments to get to know the Character Counts! Advisory Board, Character Counts! Coordinator, and the Character Counts! Coach Specialist! 
Character Counts! 
Advisory Board

The Character Counts! Advisory Council is comprised of dedicated community and agency people. They work towards the mission of partnering with the people of Queen Anne's County to support and embrace character development in all aspects of our lives. 

Advisory Council meetings are held every third Wednesday of the month at 8:30am at the Department of Community Services in Centreville. 

All are welcome to attend! 

We are also looking for people in the community to become a council member.


Please contact us for more information. 

Wayne Humphries' Favorite Pillar of Character: 


He believes that it is a pillar that most people want to avoid the most. It needs to be a reminder to others that we should be RESPONSIBLE for ourselves, others, and the community. 

Susan Coppage's Favorite Pillar of Character: 


She believes that we cannot go wrong if we live our life treating others as we want to be treated: GOLDEN RULE. 

Kelly Huber
Character Counts! Coach Specialist

Kelly Huber joined the Character Counts! program in November 2016 as the new Character Counts! Coach Specialist. She is in charge of recruiting coaches from the residents of Queen Anne's County, community organizations and local businesses as well as school parents and staff.  She will  train those individuals and prepare them to deliver the CC! message to the students in our schools. She will be the liason between the schools and the coaches and assist the coaches in their weekly lesson as  part of the CC! team.

Kelly moved to Queen Anne's in 2005 and currently lives in Grasonville. She has Stevensville Middle School boys that were previously students at Grasonville Elementary where Kelly  became very involved as a volunteer as well as a character coach. It is a program that she feels passionate about and loves sharing her lessons. 

Members of the Advisory Council 

Wayne Humphries

Committee Co-Chair Person


Business Representative


Susan Coppage
Committee Co-Chair 
Department of Social Services, Director

Mike Clark

Local Management Board


Joan Brooks

Recreation Department

Matt Evans

Supervisor of Student Support Services

Queen Anne's County Public Schools

Chris Perkins

Rotary and Community Member

Sgt Jeremy Davidson

QAC Sheriff’s Office

Martha Anthony

Community Member/ Coach

Dorine Fassett

Department of Health

Melissa Sidebottom

Community Member/Parent

Colleen Williams

Giving The Edge Foundation

Lisa Starkey

Clifton Foundation

Dfc Alex Cooper

QAC Sheriff's Office

Jay Kenty

Community Member/Coach

Courtney Sabol

Community Member/Coach

Connie Dean

Economic Development & Tourism

Jeff Straight

Queen Anne's County Schools

Favorite Pillar of Character: 


She believes that in order to truly understand and adopt all Six Pillars of Character into your daily practices and life, you must first CARE.

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