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  • Do what you are supposed to do

  • Persevere - keep on trying

  • Always do your best and Be Proud of your work

  • Be prepared and work hard

  • Use self-control and be self-disciplined

  • Think before you act and consider the consequences

  •  Be accountable for your choices and actions

K - 3rd Grade:

Talk about the "responsibility" of having a          pet - Make "imaginary"pets, bring in                  stuffed "pet",...)

"Chores" - discuss things responsible for              doing at home, create a list, bring next            CC! lesson & earn a "Certificate" 


"TV is a time Waster"

Read "The Carrot Seed" by Ruth Krauss &           plant carrot seeds to care for and grow

"Responsibility is my Bag" - have kids                     responsible for keeping car clean

3rd - 5th Grade: 

Have them Make a "Pet Rock"  to care for

Discuss Being Responsible for "YOU" -                     eating healthy, exercising,...

 "Responsibility" with Coach Lance                   Richardson 

Discuss "What am I responsible for? At                  Home? At School? In my Community?

"Horton Hatches the Egg" by Dr. Seuss &               create own "hatchling" with plastic egg 

"No Excuses" lesson - we don't use the word     "CAN"T" (from training manual)

Read the"The Kapok Tree"

"What If...?" - When people do not act  responsibly=Consequences

Middle School:

Strive to be a Winner!!!

Coach Jay Kenty shares a lesson on "Responsibility"

Make good use of your time!!

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