Character Counts! lessons to Continue at the Schools...

2020 Shore Update Winner

Back to School is a little different these days but Character Counts! is thrilled to continue to be a part of the school day - a now virtual school day. Our lessons will be delivered different but it is the same message...

Welcome Back from our Coaches

We did it again... Character Counts was a 2020 Golden Anchor Winner - voted "An Organization that Makes Our Community a Better Place" and "A Favorite Community Activity". Thank you to all who voted  in this year's Shore Update Readers' Choice Awards #ShoreStrong 

QACTV Character Counts! Super Show

     Trustworthiness Episode

WOW! Celebrating 20 years

Character Counts! just celebrated its 20th Anniversary in November 2020. It's hard to believe that it's been 20 years. There have been more than 83 "Businesses of Character" participants and well over 1000 volunteer character coaches and mentors delivering lessons to the children through the years. Character Counts! has been successful in building great partnerships in the public school system, local businesses, county agencies, non-profits and throughout the community. 

 Character Counts! 
     "Coach of the Year"
10 Years of Service

We've added one more coach to our list... 10 years of coaching and still going strong!! We are so lucky to have him.

"Mr Fred" has been our "CC! Coach of the Year" and a part of Church Hill Elementary School for many years. He teaches a wonderful introduction to character for the 1st grade classes up there. Everyone knows and Loves Mr. Fred. 

Thank you to Fred Sherriff for All that you do

    Congratulations to our 2019-2020

Character Counts! Coach of the Year" Jay Kenty. 

     Jay has been with Character Counts! for a few  years now and  he continues to  coach several classes at Matapeake Elementary School again this year. He was nominated by many teachers and the school principal too. He has continued with character messages to his teachers and students these last few months during this Covid 19 pandemic. 

   “When asked, “How are you?” his reply is always, “Shame on me if I complain.”  His positive attitude is contagious and impacts everyone with whom he interacts.”  They say “I look forward to his visits just as much as the students do. He goes above and beyond in his duties as a Character Counts coach. His dedication is evident through the number of classes he visits, his assistance with our outdoor classroom, and overall familiar presence in our building. I whole-heartedly believe he deserves this award, and I am honored to work with him on a regular basis.”  “Additionally, he brings a wealth of life experiences and knowledge that he freely shares with the students, demonstrating the real world application to the character concepts.” “He is awesome! - has a true gift with kids.” "He exemplifies the true meaning of good character “.  

     Thank you for being an amazing coach and a fantastic role model for so many kids. 

 Faye Lister
 Teen of Character Scholarship
*Applications are due Friday, April 30, 2021

The 2021 Teen of Character Scholarship applications are out.  The $500 scholarship is sponsored by the Centreville Rotary Club and recognizes a student that has demonstrated exceptional character in their school and community utilizing the Six Pillars of Character.  Click below for application and further details.

Jacki Carter "Young People  Who Care" Award 2021

Applications were due Friday, April 9th for the "Jacki Carter "Young People Who Care" Award . This award is sponsored by the Queen Anne’s County Council for Children and Youth and Community Partnerships for Children and Families. It was available for both Middle School and High School students that are interested in implementing a youth-led project  that would have a positive impact on the community. 

Winner to be announced soon...

Character Counts!
Appreciation Dinner 
Certficate of Congressional Recognition

Skylar Podraza was honored by the

Character Counts! Advisory

Council and awarded a Certificate

of  Congressional Recognition by

Congressman Andy Harris

representative Mike Arntz.She is a

success story of the character initiative in QAC and was recognized for her contributions to Character Counts!

Due to the current situation, the 2019-2020 Appreciation Dinner originally scheduled for April 30, 2020 was postponed.  We are anxiously waiting to be able to celebrate? Thank you to everyone who continues to support the Character Counts! initiative and all of our Character Counts! Coaches and CommUNITY Mentors that do so much for the youth in QAC. Will keep you posted once we know more.

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