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CommUNITY Mentoring

 CommUnity Mentoring Partnership is  focused on supporting "Opportunity Youth" who are 16-24 years old who are out of work and not in school.   We form  teams of mentors to address and help with soft skills, education and employment needs .  We also support "At Risk" youth, ages 13-18,  who would benefit from an adult role model to encourage and support them. As well as to build sustainable life skills that will improve the liklihood of success. 

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you." - Bob Proctor

Program Design: 


Mentor teams are established based on the identified Soft Skills, Educational and Employment needs of the mentee.


The team will formulate a plan based on the "CommUNITY Mentoring Life Skills Evaluation" and will be revisited quarterly.


Mentors and mentees participating in the CommUNITY Mentoring Program, meet on a regular basis.  Mentors and mentees commit to the program and the outlined guidelines and commitments.

There is an application and interview process. References are required. 

Criminal background checks/drug testing are required and provided by the county government. 

An orientation training is provided with opportunities for ongoing training. There is a resource library and the coordinator e-mails/mails appropriate resources as well. 

The mentor coordinator works with Mentor Team Members as well as the Mentees facilitating the opportunity for building of positive mentoring relationships. 

*Designed to assist youth ages 16-24 who are seeking work and/or educational opportunities.

 VOLUNTEERS are NEEDED as mentors in Queen Anne's County.

New program initiative...

Opportuntiy Youth CommUNITY Mentoring

Focus is on the 16-24 year old opportunity youth who are in need of mentoring. Mentoring helps them to make better decisions that affect their lives and empowers them to fulfill their dreams.




*Mentors must be 18 years or older.  

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