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  • Play by the rules

  • Take turns and share

  • Be open-minded - listen to others

  • Make decisions without favoritism or prejudice

  • Don't take advantage of others

  • Don't blame other carelessly

K - 3rd Grade:
3rd - 5th Grade: 

Read book "The Sneetches" by 

        Dr. Seuss 

Lesson on Martin Luther King Jr. 

Fairness Scenarios using Happy face/Sad              Sadface or thumbs up/down

"Animals on School Grounds" Scenarios

Discuss Fair but not necessarily Equal 

Fairness on a Sports Team/ Sportsmanship 

Follow the Rules - Take turns/share/put              others first

Always Do Your Best!Try hard and                            understand your talents!

"The Mitten" is another book to read

Never be a Bully or let others bully!!


"It's not Fair" - good for K-2

Discuss Playing by the Rules!! Discuss                  different rules at home, school, sports,            community,...that we have to follow!!

Kid President

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