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Developmental Assets

"Discovering what kids need to succeed"

Intergenerational Developmental Assets are incorporated into all Character Counts! and Mentoring activities. The primary focus - the Ready by 21 Initiative - is to ensure that all students are ready for further education or the workforce by the age of 21. It is important for all youth to have the proper skills, both in academics and life, to be contributing members of their families and communities.


The Building Blocks of Healthy Development

Support:  The need to be surrounded by people who love, care for, appreciate & accept them

Empowerment:  The need to feel valued and valuable while feeling safe and respected

Boundaries & Expectations:  The need for clear rules, consistent consequences, and encouragement to do their best

Constructive Use of Time:  The need for opportunities, outside of school, to learn and develop new skills and interests with other youth & adults

Commitment to Learning:  The need for a sense of the lasting importance of learning and a belief in their abilities

Positive Values:  The need to develop strong guiding principles to help in making healthy choices

Social Competencies:  Skills needed to interact effectively with others

Positive Identity:  The need to believe in their own self-worth 

Developmental Assets Website

Ages 3-5 English

Ages 3-5 Spanish

Ages 5-9 English

Ages 5-9 Spanish

Ages 8-12 English

Ages 8-12 Spanish

Ages 12-18 English

Ages 12-18 Spanish

40 Developmental Assets 


Become a team member of Character Counts!

Become a mentor

Help team members with projects

Donate money to youth in community projects

Be positive

Begin conversations with  youth

Build positive relationships

Be proactive

See youth as resources within the community

Share your strengths

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