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At-Risk and Opportunity Youth 

Investing in our County's future workforce

CommUNITY Mentoring Partnership
We are a coalition of Queen Anne County employees and volunteer mentors focused on the job placement and education of  "opportunity youth" - an untapped source of talent that is in need of our help.

Reaching Out and Up to Young People


CommUNITY Mentoring Partnership exists to unite caring adult mentors and existing mentoring groups  with at-risk youth, ages 13-18 years for whom the probability of successfully transitioning to adulthood and achieving economic self sufficiency is low

The CommUNITY Mentoring Partnership establishes enriching relationships between our greatest resources (mentors) and our greatest assets (mentees).


Mentors offer a team approach with opportunity youth ages 16-24. These youth are disconnected, not in school and not working. Our objectives may include:


Increased self-esteem

  • Increased awareness and modeling of socially acceptable behaviors

  • Expanded goals for lifetime achievement

  • Employment opportunities 

 VOLUNTEERS are NEEDED as mentors 


Make a difference for our youth who are in need of acheivement mentoring. Mentoring helps youth to make better decisions that affect their lives and empowers them to fulfill their dreams.




*Mentors must be 18 years or older.  

The CommUNITY Mentoring Partnership is made possible through its partners with the following organizations: 

  • Local Management Board

  • CommUNITY Mentoring Partnership Board

  • Character Counts! 

  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Greather Chesapeake

  • Juvenile Services

  • Queen Anne's County Sheriff's Department

  • Queen Anne's County Human Resources Department

  • National MENTOR

  • Queen Anne's County Department of Social Services 

  • H.O.P.E Academy 

         CommUNITY Mentoring
        Advisory Board Members

Mary Ralston

Mary Walker

Michael Roy

Mike Clark

Shelby Clark

Chris Perkins

Lisa Michaels

Nicole Connor

Patricia Hackleman

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