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  • Do your share to make your school and community a better place

  • Cooperate with others

  • Stay informed

  • Be a good neighbor

  • Obey the laws and rules

  • Respect others

  • Protect the environment

K - 3rd Grade:

Color the "American Flag" and discuss the                    meaning (ex: why 13 stripes,etc...)

Obey Rules and Laws 

Don't litter - What can we RECYCLE?

3rd - 5th Grade: 

Create a shorter version of the US                           Citizenship test to give

Read the "Carmel Apple Challenge"and have       an in class Vote

Middle School:

"Just Say No" to Drugs and


Stay up on Current Events

Protect our environment - Recycle

Meaning behind "Folding the American               Flag"



*New -"Thank You Omu" story - read         by Julie Ranelli QAC Library

Kid President:

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