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For Any or All of the Pillars

K - 3rd Grade:
3rd - 6th Grade: 

Read a book

Chain of Pillars - have students color                  corresponding pillars each month to hang      together & create a chain by end of school

Role Plays -divide into groups and each do a    short role-play on one of the 6 pillars

Learn and sing a "Character Counts!" song 

Learn or make up a "Character Counts!"             song to a familiar tune

From the Pillar of the Month,  have students   find as many words as they can from letters

Talk about pillar - cut out pictures/ ads from     magazines that show pillars and discuss

All Grades: 

Kid President:

Have the class Make a BIG Cate"pillar" to         hang in classroom or school

School Bus Character - How we need to act       and follow the Six Pillars

Character Counts! Midshore

Winners Walk Talk Manual 

Queen Anne's County Library

List of Character Books 

Kramer Center Library 

List of Character Books

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