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About Us: 

Rhonda Knotts 3 - 2nd grade



All children and youth need caring, supportive adults in their lives in order to become responsible, productive citizens in their community. The Queen Anne's County Character Counts! Program has joined forces with the CommUNITY Mentoring Partnership and Developmental Assets to have the largest possible impact on the youth of Queen Anne's County.


In 1999, a citizen of Queen Anne's County proposed to the Community Partnerships for Children, our local management board, to hold a public forum to discuss the issue of violence to children. First on the list was to provide children in our county with after school programs and the second was to promote character development in our children.


Since after school programs were currently being offered and the Community Partnerships was an active member with this effort, the Community Partnerships for Children began gathering information pertaining to character development and methods to bring this idea to the community.


By Proclamation of the Queen Anne's County Commissioners, an Advisory Council was formed to partner with the people of Queen Anne's County to support and embrace character development in all aspects of our lives.  


The Character Counts! Advisory Council believes in using a four-step model to help build citizens of character. This involves (1) a volunteer force of character coaches in the classroom, (2) countless role models in the community, (3) intergenerational developmental assets, and (4) one-on-one mentors all interacting with students on a regular basis. It takes a caring, supportive community to raise children and youth of character.


Character Counts! in Queen Anne's County is a part of the Community Partnerships for Children and Families, our county's Local Management Board.


To find out more about Community Partnerships and other programs they support around the county, please click below. 

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